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At Premier Patio Covers, we provide total protection and peace of mind in any situation. Imagine you’ve just invited your boss over for dinner and drinks on your new patio–you don’t want to cancel just because of a drizzle. Or maybe you want to ride your exercise bike out on the patio every morning, but you’re tired of drenching your fair skin in sunscreen. Whether you want to protect your new SUV from the wind and rain, share dinner and conversation al fresco or simply delight in outdoor living every day, we’ve got you covered.

Premier Patio Covers is family owned and operated so when you work with us, you’re family too. We’ve been serving the Las Vegas Metro Area since 2004 and our patio covers have seen – and withstood – all kinds of weather. We remain connected to the latest technology and processes, and also partner with manufacturers to ensure that clients get the best quality product at a fair and reasonable cost.

Improving your life really is as simple as installing an Elitewood™ shade structure above your patio. Patio covers allow you all the pleasures of outdoor living, plus adequate shelter from rain and intense sunlight. Reading, eating, and relaxing will become joyous occasions when your beautiful, durable feature is installed.

If you want added shade, but still prefer partial sun to shine through, our open lattice structure is the ideal solution. Our lattice covers provide shade for your outdoor living space and won’t screen out refreshing breezes. Plus, the look of lattice adds sophisticated charm to your home’s exterior.

At Premier Patio Covers, we want to make sure that you’re incredibly happy with your new investment.

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