Free-Standing Patio Covers


At Premier Patio Covers, we are invested in meeting your needs as a homeowner or businessowner. If you are looking for a free-standing patio cover that is as beautiful as it is functional, then look no further.

Free-standing patio covers are not attached to any building, but are self- supporting structures that provide an independent, stunning addition to any home. Our free-standing patio covers are made of top-quality aluminum and stand securely on at least four posts. These covers are made to match the unpredictability of Las Vegas weather and will not succumb to fading or cracking. Additionally, you can rest assured that the covers will withstand many years of heat and high winds without having to be repaired or repainted. Our patio covers can either be made solid, lattice – or both. Either way, your family will love lounging outdoors in both the sunshine and the rain.

The possibilities are endless with a free-standing cover. Some ideas include an outdoor living space for relaxing by the pool, a backyard dining space to entertain your guests all year round, a barbecue or outdoor kitchen so that you can cook unforgettable dinners without sweltering in the heat, or even a patio bar to keep the party going late into the night. You’ll enjoy your outdoor space so much, you’ll never want to leave home. And if you’re a business owner, free-standing patio covers are perfect for storefronts, walkways and more. We have a wide range of colors and finishes available and we know you’ll find a style that perfectly complements your home or business.

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