Realistic Woodgrain Aluminum Lattice Pergolas

Elitewood’s Lattice Patio Covers are manufactured by Four Season Building Products using a unique, cutting-edge metallic composition that offers not just comfort, but complete peace of mind. With little to no maintenance, our lattice pergolas are totally weather resistant while offering the look and feel of warmth and welcoming.

Some people prefer to have ongoing repair and maintenance projects, requiring hours of upkeep to never quite get the well-kept yet rustic look of a brand new structure.  If you`re not one of those people, look no further. Say goodbye to cracking, warping, and splitting. No need to worry about painting or repair. Our advanced protection from fire and insects, and unsurpassed ability to withstand the elements will preserve the beauty of your outdoor escape for years to come.

Embossed with a rough-hewn deep wood texture, Elitewood Lattice Covers replicate the natural appearance and beauty of real wood without the many challenges that a soft and porous material like wood inevitably present. Elitewood Lattice Covers come in many designs, with numerous customizable features so your home can continue to represent you, indoors and out.  Create your open-air paradise, enhance the beauty of your home and get outside and live your life.

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