Solara Adjustable Patio Covers


Optimizing outdoor space will always present challenges – until we figure out how to control the weather. Nevada’s climate in the summer brings a hot, dry sun; in the winter, rain and moisture – and that’s only what can be predicted. There are a number of patio cover options available in today’s market, from clapboard canvas, wooden gazebos and aluminum patio covers, but most offer only partial solutions to the trials of erratic weather and ongoing maintenance.

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A Patio Cover and Pergola In One

Solara AdjustableThe Solara Adjustable “Smart” shading system lets you enjoy the best of both worlds through all seasons. The system is dynamic and the structure can be transformed according to both weather conditions and your preferences. This means that you can control and modify the amount of shade or protection you want so no matter the forecast, you don’t have to give up a summer breeze on your face or the smell of fresh rain.

Solara offers 2 types of louvered roof systems: an affordable, lightweight advanced engineering roll forming louvered roof system, perfect for your home or lakehouse, and a high end commercial heavy duty extruded one to help you grow your business. We have something for everyone, no matter your budget and needs.

Solara’s “Smart” patio covers are made entirely of aluminum – including the louvers, which open and close quickly and cleanly – and therefore require no maintenance at all. Our system lets you increase your living space and quality of life during both the warm summer months and the cooler days of winter.

Whether you host monthly outdoor events or simply want to be as close to nature as possible, regardless of the elements – we’ve got you covered.


Standard Roll-Formed Louvers

Our durable roll-formed louver has the best strength to weight ratio in the industry and has been installed on thousands of covers all over the world. Not only is our roll-formed the most economically priced adjustable louvered patio cover available, it has also been on the market for 30 years fitting an array of designs and shapes.

Heavy Duty Extruded Louvers

Our extruded louvers have double the thickness of our roll-formed and are the most competitively priced extruded louver on the market. Solara extruded louvers come standard with a UV resistant seal, specially designed to offer additional rain resistance and accommodate even heavier snow loads.

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